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May 17, 2008




Fellow Eichler lover (and owner) here. Doesn't it seem odd that this house hasn't hit the market pre-forclosure? I know we're in a housing slump but Eichlers seem to fare better than most.



it doesn't seem odd really... the short sale hopes to avoid the foreclosure process and is usually indicative of a person who has good intentions in paying the bank (and would want to stay in the home otherwise), but simply can't make ends meet fast enough.

it is usually an indication, too, of someone in communication with the bank as opposed to the derelict "bank owned" homes you see where the owners hid from (or ran away from) the bank. this house is definitely well cared for.

and in this case, bad times can fall on all types of folks -- even eichler owners. honestly, i think it's simply a boon for the next owner...

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