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June 25, 2011



My wife Margaret and myself (Cory) are in the middle of a major reno ourselves and are considering the Vitviken sink. The plumbing is a concern. Does the sink accept standard north american plumbing or does it require a metric adaptation?


the sink itself works with standard stuff, but the drawers don't play well with standard plumbing and i needed to modify the drawers to accommodate it.

Ryan S

Did you seal between the wall and back of the sink? If so, did you use silicone or grout? I am installing this sink soon and trying to decide which type of seal to use where the back on the sink/counter-top butts against the wall.



ryan: use caulk -- either latex or silicone. latex will be easier to work with since it's water clean-up. there are some good mold-free options (DAP's kwikseal-plus is my choice for latex). Quad caulks and silicone are truly best, but very difficult to work with to get a nice bead. latex will shrink a bit, so you might do a second application after the first cures (24-hours).

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