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July 09, 2011


Dan Simoes

Useful post.

It seems to me that the main problem is the inability to match sellers and buyers in real time. Traffic at Eichler Network is really, really low. Perhaps some enterprising person should create an email marketplace or mailing list for this stuff? Usually when you are tearing out, you want it gone NOW, not three months from now when someone finds the post.


Thanks... and that's my main beef with the EN as of late.

Due to their policy of not out-linking and/or mentioning companies within posts, the board has sadly, essentially shriveled up -- if you say "no" to people often enough, it seems, they tend to not want to come back. (Seriously: the "Rec-room" forum is over 3 years old with only 30-something posts -- clearly something isn't jiving.)

The network seems super-useful to newbies, but the more you dig into your projects (which is when you have ___ to sell/donate), you've had posts censored, post unanswered or have had an otherwise unfulfilling experience and tend not to return.

Sadly, the they have the "mindshare" (and google-share) for Eichler-dot-anything, so starting something competitive is tough. I've been going to instead -- the folks there aren't all Eichler folks, but it's a much more robust and collaborative forum (with lots of outside links) without the heavy-hand of moderation. When I post something there, it gets 6X the traffic (easy) as the same post at EN in addition to a few helpful responses.

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